HONORope Double-Safe

HONOR, an experienced developer and manufacturer of stationary, vertical, horizontal and three-dimensional systems for protection against falling, including cable and rail systems, has developed the HONORope Double-Safe fall protection system as an answer to the limitations of existing, horizontal single-cable line systems and rail systems.

These systems, which have generally been developed as (work) positioning
or movement restriction systems, are
in practice also often installed above
the heads of the users as genuine fall protection systems. 

In many cases, they do not provide the required degree of safety and user friendliness for working at heights. These were the reasons why the HONORope Double-Safe fall protection system was developed to provide practical safety solutions.

Safety demand

The HONORope Double-Safe horizontal fall arrest system, combined with retractable fall arrestors even with recovery function, offer safe move ability up to three dimensions, around corners (360º), without the need to detach and re-attach when changing directions or crossing cable supports and bends!

HONORope Double-Safe is suitable for horizontal and inclined (up to 15º) systems. It is usual to design systems for up to five people per system and greater loads can be accommodated if required.

An unique and therefore patented fall arrest system that even can bring a worker into safety by ascending or descending after a fall has occurred!

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